Thursday, May 4, 2006

Raccoon Invasion

Well, I have been working on my next blog entry the past couple of days, but time is a bit hard to come by to dedicate myself fully to the task. And so, I have decided to share a true and profound story with you to tide you over until that entry becomes a reality. ;-D

Several days ago I went bounding down the stairs from my bedroom to the kitchen. At the foot of the stairs I noticed what appeared to be the cat's chew toy - which happens to look like an extremely furry rodent. As I stepped over the toy I realized (*gag reflex kicks in*) that it is actually a dead bird. Yes, our spastic Siamese not only attacks us at her caprice, but she also loves to attack living creatures that are smaller than herself. She has brought us many a half-dead field mouse, but this was a heavy duty, totally lifeless bird. It was pretty sick.

Anyway, I got my landlord to clean up the carcass and toss the dead bird in the trash. (Poor thing.) After all, the cat belongs to her. So we set the trash near the stairs as a reminder that it needs to be taken out when we next head out the front door.

Ahem . . . so, a few nights ago my roomie arrives in the wee hours of the morning from an insane marathon day/night at the sweat shop . . . uh . . . I mean her job office. She is deliriously tired, and as she stumbles up the staircase, she sees a dead bird lying next to some trash and a shredded trash bag. Nice.

Too tired to care, she proceeds to the kitchen. There she is greeted by a hulking, wild raccoon. What the crap?! How did a raccoon get into our kitchen? Clearly, you do not have a kitty door on your house. Yes, the kitty door is how a wild raccoon gets into one's kitchen. (Fortunately I was safely asleep in my room with the door closed.)

Poor roomie. The raccoon was so scared that it began to run up the stairs towards our bedroom (where I was safely enclosed :-). I must have been "dead-to-the-world" because apparently a fit of shrieking and extemporaneous prayer ensued as my roommate and our landlady combined efforts to scare the raccoon back down the stairs and back out through the kitty door. That night their efforts were rewarded with great success. Too bad I could not share their panic or their victory because I had no clue that it all even went down until the next day.

Man, I love a good story. I'm just glad this one didn't end with my roommate being attacked by a rabies-crazed raccoon. I lose more friends that way. . . :-D

(not the actual raccoon)


Mattias A. Caro said...

Is that the actual racoon??? what is he holding, toast or cheese???

And more importantly, what happened to the little bird??? Did you end up cooking it? I hear they are good with some ketchup . . .

Natalie said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Mattias A. Caro said...

Sorry about that!!! I passed not a day or so ago a chinese resturant in Geneva named "Cats and Dogs" . . . I kid you not! If I hadn't lost my camera, I would have taken a picture

Landlady said...

Hey there... landlady here (gosh does that make me sound like I am 80 or what?). Yes, we are all relieved that the raccoon is long gone, and the bird is in the garbage. Let's just say I will be more careful to be sure the back fence gate doesn't pop open again, which is probably how the critter got to the back yard and the cat door. Well at least he made life around here more interesting!