Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Don't be jealous . . .

". . . because I've been chatting with hot babes on-line all day." (- Kip "So Dreamy" Dynamite)

Rather, be jealous because I got a speeding ticket today and you didn't. However, I am willing to give anyone who is interested pointers on how to get your own speeding ticket. I would say the secret of success begins with losing directions to an appointment, leaving late for said appointment and following the directions as best you can remember until you are headed into the wrong county. Then, once your doctor realizes that you are not there at the appointed time, be sure to answer your cell phone and have a lengthy discussion with him about where you are and where you are not. As he tries to look up directions on Mapquest, be sure to turn down a road where there is a school zone. But, and this is key, remain frazzled enough that you will not realize there is a school zone, and proceed at your usual 40 mph. Then, if you see a young man wearing a safety green vest jump in front of your vehicle and flag you over to the side of the road, be sure to say, "Damn it, I just got pulled over by a cop. I'll have to call you back." While you are doing this, you must simultaneously step on the brakes causing your address book to fly out of your lap and into the floorboard at your feet.

Not only is this successful for obtaining a speeding ticket, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to have a good cathartic cry while the officer is at his vehicle doing a background check. Not only is life romantic, but it's also really funny! Okay, now it's your turn!

*The above story is not the "personalistic norm," neither is it the norm for me personally. ;-D


Mattias A. Caro said...

But the key question is whether or not the cathartic cry inspired compassion in the heart of the green-vest wearing crossing guard....

...sometimes, God's blessings come in the form of a good story. Too bad He can't make them a little bit cheaper than a speeding ticket!!!

Argent Paladin said...

Did you hear what Cardinal George said about the Pope's new encyclical! Check it out!!

Natalie said...

I did indeed hear such a thing. I am so excited about this encyclical. I'm sure we can all discuss it on here when it formally comes out.

(*drooling*) Mmmmm . . . encyclical.

Thanks for the link.